What is National Bingo Day?


National Bingo Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the great game of bingo, wherever you play, however you play. Bingo!

Bingo is popular all over the world, here in the UK and also in America where the first National Bingo Day started. We have no idea when it started, how it started or how the date for the first National Bingo Day was chosen, despite trawling through many Google searches.

What we do know is that the date of 27 June was chosen in the United States and in recent years has become the recognised date for the event. Despite the huge popularity of Bingo in the UK however, we have never formally recognised it here.

In recent years, several key bingo operators in the UK have started to make reference to the date existing in the USA and have even run special events on the day, but this is the extent of the celebration on these shores.

Until now that is!

From 2021 onwards National Bingo Day has been formally recognised in the UK. A time for everyone to join together and celebrate all things bingo: fun, games, friends, community and winning!  27 and 06 are set to become the most important numbers in bingo!