What is National Bingo Day?

The idea of National Bingo Day was invented several years ago in America where the game is hugely popular, just as it is here in the UK on June 27th.

For the last few years, bingo operators in the UK have made reference to this day and some have even hosted special events in celebration, but we have never actually officially recognised it – until NOW….

In 2020, a team at Mecca Bingo decided it was about time all that changed and we officially registered the day here in the UK.

But National Bingo Day is not about one operator, it is the celebration of the game industry wide, where we bring all and everyone together for one special day.

We would welcome discussions with other UK bingo operators on how we can all join forces to make National Bingo Day in 2021 and beyond a day to remember. Please get in touch with us asap.

Author: imran-oa